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About Author hReview

The aim of every owner of a website or a blog is to increase the number of visitors and to gain many regular readers and subscribers. Let’s presume that the content of a certain site is good and has potential, nevertheless, the page rank needs to be improved. So how can this be achieved? Try using Author hReview plugin, developed by Hesham Zebida, who also founded This plugin is suitable for any WordPress theme, is incredibly easy to use and has many beneficial features. By using Author hReview plugin, the users are able to add rich snippets to their reviews.

Why Should You Add Rich Snippets?

Author hreview

Because compared to snippets, rich snippets provide readers with the summary of a particular page. It enables them to see all the important information and help them differentiate the content that they consider relevant, from the content that is not useful for them. Most importantly, rich snippets provide yellow stars rating for a particular product. This is a great feature of Author hReview plugin, as it provides rating and summary of the content, thus attracting the attention of readers.

Using Author hReview For Review

Author hReview Plugin allows only a single author rating, meaning that customers and users are not a part of a particular rating, therefore only the author gives his opinions about a product. This can be helpful for both readers and site owners. The readers would be able to find content that is useful for them and the owners of sites and blogs have the possibility to increase clicks, get more visitors and improve search engine ranking of their webpages.

Super Easy to Use
Author hReview plugin is really easy to install and set up. It comes with 4 meta boxes, Main, Display, Details and Link. In these boxes, you can fill in all the relevant data, such as ratings, summary of a review, product type, product author, version, price, rating box options and link.

By using Author hReview Plugin, you would be able to improve the format of your reviews, make your reviews look more professional, making them noticeable in Google search. That will certainly grab people’s attention.

In order for users to identify pages with good content, it is advisable to implement rich snippets and provide product reviews, rankings and descriptions. That will be helpful for the users but at the same time affect click-through rates. So, when the users go to Google search, they will be able to see your site, because it will attract their attention. If the content of your web page has some information that the user is searching for, that user will become a visitor of your website.

What is advisable for authors who are using this plugin is that, they should write honest reviews, provide accurate information about a particular product and of course, share their opinions about products that are worth recommending.

Shortcode and Widgets

Author hReview plugin uses WordPress shortcodes, which will certainly save you a lot of time and provide you with the possibility to display your reviews in different ways and choose the best layout for reviews. Also, it comes with widgets that enable you to show your top reviews and most recent reviews on your sidebars in an attractive way.

Author hReview Features

Author hreview 2

Author hreview 3Author hreview 4
Other features of the plugin include rating box templates, after posts rating box, custom post types, nofollow and dofollow links. However, the Author hReview Pro plugin has some additional features, such as:

  1. Half ratings
  2. Adding images to the rating box
  3. Reviews for both posts and pages
  4. All of reviews showing on a single page at WordPress dashboard
  5. Rating box shortcode
  6. Related review shortcode
  7. Sorting out reviews by rating value

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

If you purchase the membership, you will also get WordPress Testimonial Plugin free of charge. This plugin is supported for rich snippets and comes with shortcodes to display a form where you choose, allowing your customers to send you their testimonials for you to publish.


There are three versions of Author hReview plugin. The Lite version is available for free while there are two paid versions:

Single Site: $ 69 – 6 months priority support, 6 months upgrades

Multi Site: $ 139 – 6 months priority support, 6 months upgrades

It is only one payment, which provides 6 months of access to upgrades and support, and after that period you are able to use the plugin normally but you have the option to purchase another 6 months of upgrades for $ 29. You would also be able to get a full money refund in the first 30 days from the date of purchase, if you are not satisfied with the purchase for some reason.

With some good ideas, little bit of help from plugins like this one, the content of your site might get great ranking in search engine results and become more popular. If you would like to test it, get the Lite version and if you see the improvement, consider getting one of the versions available for purchase, as these provide some great additional features and are highly recommended by many satisfied users.


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