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Discovering a bit about my experiences and background  something that you are interested in before we get to the topic of interest to you. My name is Joseph Ho, I am originally from Singapore, the sunny island. My parents started their business when I was 18 and this influenced me to get into the business world and find my own direction in life.

In 2006, I decided to try my hand for the first time in the field of Network Marketing business in hopes of learning the ropes and exploring how it could benefit people around me.

In  2007, I decided to follow my passion building a business and quit my full time job in the hopes of being able to achieve more in the field. However, the network marketing business failed in 2008 and the company closed down at that time.

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As you can imagine, this was a very big setback from where I wanted to be, it hurt quite a bit to be at such a crossroads. Due to the fact that my future was on the line, I became very depressed and worried about the future for an extended period of time.

Eventually, I decided to go back to work despite the fact that it was not where I wanted to be at the time nor a final goal to achieve. I had to work 2 jobs, one in the day and one in the evening just to survive.

Part time job in the evening for company D & D

Ahead of this, there were several more failed business attempts of different varieties that provides me with learning experiences that helped me discover what approach would be the best to take in the business world as well as the things that could be avoided in order to give myself the best possible chance of success in the future.

One of the failed startup Wan Yuan (WYI)

Through those experiences, I began to understand the value of going through difficult times and what it takes to truly be successful in the things that you love in life.

“It is not because it’s difficult, therefore we dare not. It’s because we dare not, therefore it is difficult”

In 2010, I started to become serious about Internet Marketing and focused on my main expertise Search Engine Optimization and setting up niche and authority websites, although I still continue to learn and expand upon this knowledge on a daily basis.

I started E-Alchemists.com in 2012, a digital marketing agency firm helps startups, small and medium businesses with aspects such as web hosting and web development in addition to the design of a website and SEO in order to drive traffic.

Other than that, i have always loved technology including DIY computer projects. In my personal life, I’ve been married for three years and have 2 beautiful daughters.

So, that’s my quick background enjoy my My Blog where I share about my journey in Business, SEO & Websites Building.


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