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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2014

Business Timeline Part 1

Business Timeline 1984 – 2002 The first 18 years of my life became the foundation of becoming the Entrepreneur. I was born in 19 July 1984 in Singapore living at Singapore together with my sister. We lived in a small town whereby most of the flat are on government rental in the early days of Singapore […]

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switchbox seo

Switchbox SEO Experiment

Switchbox SEO I visited the SEO Traffic Hack forum which is currently a closed group and it costs $99 USD to join. You can eliminate your SEO learning curve inside SEO Traffic Hacks and explore what actually works NOW, in the SEO testing and training lab of the new generation. In this training/testing program, you will […]

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Authority Site Experiment – January 2014 Update

Authority Site Experiment – January Update I was busy during January, because my family and I were preparing for the Chinese New Year festival season in Singapore. We had to do a lot of house cleaning! After a long holiday, I lost my momentum and I actually was not able to wake up as early […]

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goal setting

My Goal For The Year 2014

The year 2014 is going to be an exciting for me mainly because I have set a number of goals for myself and for my Internet business. The past year 2013 have been quite challenging and I am looking forward to a truly fruitful 2014. I believe that the only way to reach one’s goals is to use the SMART method

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2013 Plan

Lessons from the 2013 Year

The 2013 year was one full of keynote events, some good and some not so good. I managed to achieve some of the goals that I had set up for my business while others remained underachieved – I am not complaining though. If you are curious about which goals were met and which ones remained in the realm of dreams and visions, this blog post takes you through the 2013 year at E-Alchemists.

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