10 favourite seo tools

Here are My 10 Favorite SEO Tools

Today I’m going to talk about my 10 favorite SEO tools I use daily. Some tools are paid and some others are currently free in the market now. The list below is the list of tools I use daily. I’ve been testing out so many tools for these 4 years of my SEO experience.

1. Google Webmaster Tool

This is one of the best tool to monitor a website. Basically, this tool will crawl your website and then inform you about the crawl erros, malwares, and even Google penalties. If your web server is down for a long period of time, the tool will also inform you. You can also use this tool to check which keywords you are ranking for. This tool also allows you to check your backlinks.

2. Serpbook

If you are doing SEO, you must have a tool to check your ranking everyday. Currently on the market there are a lot of tools, and so far the best one I’ve tested is Serpbook. Basically this tool is valued for money and cloud-based.

3. Google Keyword Planner

This is the most basic keyword tool you need to use. The best thing of this tool is it’s free. I usually use this tool to do a quick check and search volume & competition level.

4. SEMrush

I use this tool to spy my competitors’ keywords to see what they are ranking for and how much traffic it generates. This is kind of advanced tool, so it is not cheap. You can check out my guide about how to use SEMrush here.

5. Mozcast

I use Mozcast to do a quick check if there is any Google Update’s going on. Mozcast is kind of a weather report showing turbulence in Google algorithm. I only use this tool when I suspect there is Google Update’s going on.

6. SEOPower Suite – Website Auditor

SEOPower Suite – Website Auditor is a tool I use to crawl my own website and clients’ websites. Not only to crawl your own website, but also you can use this tool to check for broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate contents, 404 error, not-indexed webpages, missing or too long titles, and meta description. You can download here for a free trial version.

7. Majestic & Ahrefs

Both Majestic and Ahrefs are my favorite tools to audit backlinks, research, and spy your competitors’ backlinks. You have to use the paid version to unlock their full potentials, while you can only use limited function for the free version.

8. IMT Website Submitter

When you’ve just finished uploading a new content on your website and you want Googlebot to index your new content quickly, you can use IMT Website Submitter to do the job. This tool will submit your website automatically to 1800 places for free.

9. Market Samurai

Market Samurai is the only tool to check for top 10 competitors’ backlinks, h1 h2 h3, yahoo or dmoz backlinks, total number of backlinks on page and domain. This is also my first SEO tool. I’ve been using this tool to check for competitions level for 4 years.

10. SEO Traffic Hacks

Actually I don’t consider this as a tool, while it’s not cheap too. However, this is the best SEO forum that I’ve read. In this forum you will be able to see a lot of LIVE experiments on SEO. This is the most updated forum that I visit almost everyday. One of the SEO strategies I’ve used is the switchbox seo which comes from SEO Traffic Hacks.