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Business Tools

Having a daily job and running your business at the same time is very tough. Moreover, it becomes tougher when you have a child. Time is limited; you only have 24 hours a day so that you really need to make a good use of time you have. Here are the 10 must-have business tools for me to manage my life, family, business and as well as my daily job.

1. Gmail – around 3 years ago I made the transition from Yahoo Mail to Gmail (yes I’m kind of late adopter). Since then I’ve never regret moving to Gmail.


Gmail is still the best email application I’ve ever used. Not only because it is a cloud based, but also you can access all your mails across multiple devices. I used Gmail to manage several emails that I owed. Another good thing of Gmail is you can use Gmail Meter to track your email traffic and which kind of emails will give you interesting data.

2. Trello – This is one of the two most important tools I use. Basically I use this tool to manage projects. I’ve been using it for 2 years. I use to manage my households, business, and as well as authority site.


Trello is cloud based, and it can be accessed via mobile and browser

3. Evernote – This is the third most important cloud based app that I use everyday. I use this tool to do a lot of things, such as checking my task manager, doing research, taking notes, writing blog posts while I’m on the road, keeping track of receipts, scanning business card, and many more.


You can say that most of work life is on Evernote

4. Google Drive – I use Google Drive for my cloud storage that can be accessed via multiple devices. I use it to back-up the data of work, business, personal stuffs. I also use Google Drive to share photos with my wife. Google Drive also integrates well with Trello and some of other cloud apps I use.

google drive

I also use Google Drive to share files with my E-Alchemists team

5. Pipedrive – I use Pipedrive as my main CRM. Basically I use this tool to track the sales of my business. Around 6 months ago, I started to track all my sales; for example: where the sales came from, at which stage the sales is now, the deal is done well or not, and many more. My sales number actually increased after I started to track sales.


Pipedrive is cloud based, and it can be accessed via multiple devices

6. Google Analytics – I use Google Analytics to track the visitor’s number of websites. I use it to analysis my websites’ traffic everyday. Although I’m still not very good about analytics, I think that it’s never too late to learn and it may have a good impact on your business in the future.

google analytics

Google Analytics  can be accessed via multiple devices

7. Wave – Initially I used to use a conventional Ms. Excel file to make invoice for my customers. However, since 2 years ago, I have migrated to use Wave. It is cloud based, and can be currently accessed via browser and iOS. I also use Wave for my business bookkeeping, and this is free!


8. Mailchimp – This is rather important I started quite on this. I use Mailchimp as my email marketing application and also auto-responding application. By using an email marketing application, it can help you to track your newsletters and EDMs, also to build relationship with your subscribers.


Mailchimp can be fully-accessed via browser but it still has limited function for mobile version

9. Joinme – I use this tool to hold an online meeting. It is way easier to use rather than Gotomeeting. Joinme has a local line for my clients to give a call and discuss about their projects. You can check out my post here to see how I used Joinme.


Joinme can be accessed via multiple devices

10. Feedly – I used this tool to catch up with industry news. It’s also functioned as my main RSS reader if I wish to follow a blog. I also use this to manage my blog comment campaigns.

feedlyFeedly is free application and it can be accessed via multiple devices



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